Donna Markham
Chief Allied Health Officer, Victoria

Donna Markham is the Chief Allied Health Officer for Victoria and the Chief Allied Health Officer for the State-wide Equipment Program. As a qualified Occupational Therapist, she has worked in the healthcare sector for approximately 15 years.

Donna is recognised as one of Victoria’s leaders in allied health and has led many significant allied health reforms, workforce development changes and research projects and publications. Donna also led the implementation of the Allied Health Credentialing, Competency and Capability Framework.

Donna was formerly the Chief Allied Health Officer at Monash Health. She has worked in both public and private health in a variety of senior management and leadership roles and was honoured to become a finalist for the Telstra Victorian Young Business Women’s Award in 2014.

Donna is a graduate of the Leadership Victoria Williamson Community Leadership Program and the Australia Institute of Company Directors.

Professor Tammy Hoffmann
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Bond University

Professor Tammy Hoffmann is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and directs the Centre for Evidence-Informed Health Decisions at the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, Bond University. She is also a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, a Fellow of the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy, and co-Director of the Australasian EQUATOR centre.

Tammy’s research spans many aspects of evidence-based practice, shared decision making, informed health decisions, knowledge translation, and minimising waste in research. She leads interdisciplinary teams that are undertaking international initiatives in a few main areas. One area is devoted to more closely integrating shared decision making and evidence-based practice so that evidence is translated into practice better, in a more patient-centred way, and in a way that considers the sustainability of health systems. Another area is focussed on improving the reporting, useability, and uptake of effective non-pharmacological interventions and included development of the TIDieR statement and guide.

Tammy has been awarded over $14 million in research funding, and has over 200 journal publications, as well as being the lead author of a widely used inter-disciplinary evidence-based practice book (Evidence-Based Practice across the Health Professions) that is now in its 3rd edition.

Professor Sally Green
Co-Director, Cochrane Australia

Professor Sally Green is Co-Director of Cochrane Australia and a Professorial Fellow and Graduate Research Co-ordinator in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University. She has a PhD in Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine from Monash University in addition to her clinical qualifications in Physiotherapy.

Sally is Chair of Cochrane’s international Knowledge Translation Advisory Group and has several competitively funded research projects investigating the best ways of informing health decisions with knowledge from synthesised research. She is a member of NHMRC’s Synthesis and Translation of Research Evidence (STORE) advisory committee.